Game Of Thrones.

Very very exciting that my Moth and Poppy Seed Head ring is being worn by one of the main characters Sansa Stark in the medieval fantasy TV series Game Of Thrones.
The ring has a silver Hawk Moth and a poppy seed head, the wingspan of the moth is 8cm, the moth rests delicately across your hand, looking towards the poppy seed head which grows up from inbetween your fingers.
The poppy seed head is darkened slightly to enhance the fine detail before the whole piece has a final polish.

Image from The Game Of Thrones.


  1. 1. How in the world are there no comments on this?

    2. Will any be made for sale, ever?

    1. Hi Ramona.....the bigger question is HOW have I only just seen your comment!
      i've been working on getting my website revamped, the next is here, I've just been scrolling through, so so sorry.
      The answer is yes, here....
      Thank you for your message, it's made me smile xx

    2. LOL - I was decluttering my bookmarks bar, and clicked to see what in the world this was! It's okay - Thank you for answering me! (⑅◠ ◡ ◠)♡

  2. Just watched the episode again, saw the ring, and had to know more about it, it's wonderful! Go on with that great work!

    1. Hi Ursula,
      So sorry I messed your message, years later I'm saying hello and thank you!
      Here is a bit more about the ring xx


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