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Sycamore Season.

The leaves are slowly changing colour on the trees, and walks are becoming more blustery.
Autumn is coming, and for me its one of the best times of year to marvel at natures art and collect woodland finds for creating botanical jewellery.
Oak leaves, textured twigs, acorns, dried cow parsley stems all inspire my work, but it is the beautifully textured sycamore seeds that are perfect this time of year.
Many have childhood memories of falling sycamore seeds spinning down to the ground after being thrown into the air, the seeds spinning like helicopters.
Long single seeds, short single seeds, large and small double seeds, I love them all and have collected and cast from each to create a collection of solid silver and gold sycamore seed jewellery.
Sycamore collection
Every fine detail is retained from the original natural form, the finest textures highlighted through darkening the silver before a final polish.

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