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Fairtrade gold for autumn.

We have always bought our raw materials from people who can trace back to source, where possible recycle.
We love working with jewellery that is no longer worn, we can remove stones, recycle the gold and re set into a new piece you want to wear.
We can also buy gold to put against another piece in a different precious metal.

We are registered to work with fair trade gold, this means when you buy fair trade you are supporting the livelihoods of small scale gold and silver miners.
Fair trade mines ensure the miners receive the fair trade price, this is set to protect them should the price of gold fall, if it rises the funds are invested into improving their business, and also the community.
Investment is put into health, water facilities and education for the families.
Buying from an untraceable source means the metals could have come from a mine where the working conditions are poor, with little regulation on chemicals, child labour or protecting the land around the mine from pollutio…

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