Jewellery for Autumn

 The leaves are turning golden, fires are being lit.

Flip flops are in storage, the boots are out, and jewellery is worn over jumpers.

One of the most inspiring seasons, offering so many forms and textures to work with.

We have a wide range of Autumnal pieces to compliment your outfits.

Poppy seed head and sycamore bracelets to stack.

Poppy spinning bracelet and Sycamore spinning bracelet to stack your love of Autumn.

Our beautifully textured bark studs, the perfect earrings for everyday.

Bark stud earrings

Bark was used to create this gold ring, available in slim and wide and in any size. 

Unisex in design, the organic uneven edge allows this ring sits perfectly against most engagement rings. 

Bark ring in gold

Our classic sycamore seeds, one of the first designs we ever made, and still much loved.

The stunning textures retained in solid silver or gold. 

Everyone loves an acorn, here we've paired one of ours with a small oak leaf.

Acorns are symbols of strength and bravery.

We have them together on our website.

We adore poppy seed heads, stems of cow parsley and lichen covered twigs this time of year, and can often be found collecting samples in the woods.

Some more bracelets to add to your stack....

Happy Autumn X


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