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Autum Inspiration at Chelsea Flower Show

 We love Chelsea Flower Show, this years Autumn theme would have suited our seed head collections perfectly. Sadly, we just couldn't get the dates to work for us in September and had to miss this years show. I don't normally get to watch any of the footage on television, so it's been really lovely to see the gardens, the designers and get some of the stories behind them. I actually love the Autumn vibe to this years show. If we had been there, this is a small selection of the jewellery we would have had with us. Sycamore pendant Our small double sycamore pendant in beautiful 18ct yellow gold. Large double sycamore pendant Our larger double sycamore pendant is more of a statement piece. This sits really well over high neck jumpers or under the collar of a shirt too. Our Oak and Acorn collection, this is one of our largest neckpieces, two oak leaves with an acorn and acorn cup. The perfect Autumn necklace. Oak and Acorn necklace Our small double sycamore pendant paired with o

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