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Diamonds for April

Diamond is the birthstone of April It is also used to celebrate 10th and 60th year anniversaries. I love adding a scattering of diamonds to my work, I use uncut diamonds and faceted in many of the colours they can be found. Diamonds are known for their hardness and durability. Diamonds have traditionally been a symbol of  strength, stability and everlasting love. Known for being one of natures most beautiful creations, formed under intense pressure underground for more than a billion years. Here are just a few of our diamond set rings.  Lichen texture ring set with a scattering of round brilliant cut diamonds. Unisex lichen and diamond wedding ring.   This ring also works as an engagement ring, paired with a gold twig wedding band. Black rose cut diamond set onto a gold twig band, paired with a gold twig ring to create a wedding and engagement ring set. Rose cut diamond engagement and wedding band set. Our leaf eternity band could also be worn with these to create a nature lovers stack

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