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Acorns and Oak Leaves in Jewellery

 Oak trees and acorns have been used in our designs since the day we started creating jewellery around 20 years ago. Acorns and Oak leaves have long been used as a symbol of bravery, strength, longevity and growth.  Acorns or acorn shaped objects were once worn to protect against being struck by lightning.  We now have 4 different sized acorns that we call on for using in our work, the original acorns found around the UK from near Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire to the banks of a quay in South Devon. All the acorn sizes are used in our pendants, the largest being lovely heavy tactile piece, to the smallest which is perfect for layering or wearing with another seed heads or leaves. Our largest solid silver acorn has a lovely weight, perfect for layering as it looks great on a long or short chain. Large Acorn Pendant 18ct Gold Oak Leaf Necklace   We love using the iconic shape of the oak leaf, here an oak leaf  has been found, moulded and cast in  beautiful buttery 18ct yellow gold. Every

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