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Meadow Weddings.

I was asked to provide jewellery for a meadow wedding bridal photo shoot, I love taking part in these projects, you end up meeting such skilled talented people, and its fun working towards the same end goal.
Sam Bennett was the organiser and photographer who got the group together, Lauren Wheeler for make up, the Butterfly Bridal Boutique provided the beautiful dresses, the utterly stunning flowers were made by Lisa Turner at Meadow Dream Florist.
The flowers included delicate grasses, so perfect, very much a meadow dream.
The location was at Manor Farm Barn in Oxfordshire, it provided the perfect back drop for all, especially the incredible cake by Cherry Tree Cakerie.
I think you'll agree the group created a whole host of wedding goals.

When we finally get around to getting married I know who I will be contacting.

I have been working on a larger collection of woodland or meadow band rings that can be worn individually, stacked or worn as a wedding ring.
I have been exploring mo…

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