Bugs and beetles for Halloween.

 It's definitely time for a treat.

 We have the most majestic Great British Stag beetle in solid silver, this necklace is one of my favourites, the chain is 29" long, but the links allow it to also be worn as a short necklace, so very versatile.

It's also one of those pieces that can be worn on the school run with jeans, or with evening wear when we're allowed back out properly again.

I wear mine all year round, it's a bonus that he's the perfect piece to wear for Halloween.

Here is the silver Stag beetle necklace, with the chain worn at a shorter length.

          Stag beetle necklace.

Another must have for my jewellery box are the fly studs.

We also make these with a hook back, the hook back flies are made to fly in different directions, so they fly towards or away from your face for the day. 

Here are the fly stud earrings in silver with a darkening that enhances the finest details.

                     Silver fly stud earrings.

Here are the fly stud earrings in rich buttery 18 ct yellow gold.

                  Gold fly stud earrings.

Halloween proposal?

This longhorn beetle ring can be worn individually or stacked with other organic bands, leaf ring, twig bands, lichen band, cow parsley ring....all created in silver and gold.

The longhorn beetle ring can be made in silver or gold, here is our gold design with a black diamond studded back. 

I'd say yes. 

Gold longhorn beetle ring with black diamonds.

And the silver design.

Longhorn beetle ring, perfect for stacking.

                Happy Halloween to you all, and THANK YOU for supporting this small business.

                                    Thank you for everything you read, like, share and buy. 


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