The new coastal collection.

I've been using wildlife inspiration in my work for many many years, all my designs have been inland based until now, collections of twigs, leaves, seed heads, bees, and beetles from woodland and meadows.

As a family we've been on some amazing weeks away, the boys first aeroplane flight was with 15 other people on a tiny plane to the Isles of Scilly.
We landed on St Mary's and found our cottage, St Mary's is the largest of the islands but we still only found one cash point, we were told the police man only works a few hours a day, as crime is so low, it was like going back in time.
The islands are all very different, we explored St Mary's and took a boat to Tresco, all stunning with beautiful beaches, golden sands and blue sky, I highly recommend a visit to these amazing islands, we will be going back.
Isles of Scilly
Dog Whelk shell studs

Beachcombing along our coastline is addictive, we recently discovered South Wales, one of our favourite beaches is 3 Cliffs bay, on the cliff above you'll find
Three Cliffs Bay  Perfect for booking a holiday cottage, Yurts or camping.
Our youngest found his first star fish on this beach.

He found his second starfish at Bigbury-on-Sea (not bad for a 6 year old! Starfish still safely in its rock pool) another sandy beach with the best rock pools, a sea tractor and Burgh Island where the Art Deco hotel has been used in Poirot.

Sea urchin ring.

 We've been to our beaches in sunshine warmer than Spain, and in wellies, our coastline are always a wonderful adventure, please let us know of any gems you think we need to visit!

Many of our shells have gorgeous textures to them which translate beautifully into silver and gold, the names of our shells are not so beautiful, winkles, clams, mussels, slippers....
Where do the names come from!

The Sting Winkle pendant.

This is just a taster, so many more to come, and in gold too.......better book a trip to the beach! X


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