Chelsea Flower Show.

June has arrived and we are back in the studio after another great Chelsea Flower Show.
May is always a blur with making sure all is ready, booked, ordered and made for the world famous show.
This year we painted the back of our stand dark green, you never quite know how something will look, but I'm pleased we did it, the meadow flowers planted along the back wall stood out against it, the visitors thought so too, we has lots of people asking about the plants and taking photographs.
A 4 metre square stand is a large area to fill when you make jewellery, this year we used green boards painted in the same colour as the back wall, and named them by collection.
Poppy, acorn, wild plants, trees, sycamore, moths and beetles.

                          The large white space we need to fill!

Top team, the wall is painted in woodland fern green, very apt!
The sign is up, storage and display made, time for the plants.

         Quick selfie, boards are up.

Not the best image of our stand,  but we're ready for visitors.

Loving our dark green wall.

Cow Parsley and fox gloves.

Cow parsley band.
Golden textures for meadow weddings.

I love the grasses and poppies against the green.
We took some new wedding band designs to Chelsea Flower Show created from plaited grass, and twigs, twisted twigs and grass bands.
Once photographed they will be on the website.

The new grass and twig rings will also stack with our poppy stacking ring.
Poppy seed head stacking ring.

Honoured to be exhibiting with  RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The Queen visiting the show.

Having the cow parsley plants on the stand allowed us to show where some of our gorgeous textures come from in the cast from life process.

Cow parsley ring.

In a blink of a very tired eye, the show is over.
We gave away our plants, and that were left we donated to a community garden project. community garden project taking our final plants to a fantastic new home.

The jewellery is packed up for another day.
Poppy cluster necklace.
Bee pendant.
Linked sycamore necklace.

Almost back to the white 4 x 4 square we started with, and home.
Thank you to all who helped make showing at Chelsea Flower Show possible, The RHS, and all who came to our stand. X


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