Equinox exhibition in Liverpool.

I have work on display in Liverpool at The Blue Coat Display Centre for their exhibition Equinox.
The show has just started and it runs until the 21st of April 2018, it features artists that work in varied mediums referencing our connection with the natural environment, at the time of the Vernal Equinox.

I was once was asked if I use moonstones in my work because nature revolves around the moon, the answer was no, I use them because I love them, but this statement has stuck with me, and I smile more when I use them.

I've made some new pieces for the Equinox show, including this hawk moth set with a moonstone.

Cow parsley stem ring set with a white moonstone.
This necklace was made for the Equinox show in Liverpool.
Hawk moth necklace.

Coming soon to the website.
Cow parsley band in gold with
rainbow moonstone.

'Moonlight walk in the country'
This necklace has a large rainbow moonstone and a scattering of diamonds.


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