The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

What could be more majestic than our fabulous British Stag Beetle.
The British Stag Beetle is one of my favourite creatures, sadly in decline due to loss of habitat, they live is rotten decaying wood, so please leave as much of this habitat as possible in your gardens.

My garden has lots of insect friendly areas, and is now decked with bunting for our 4 day weekend celebrations, I hope you all have a wonderful Jubilee, full of friends, strawberries, tea and cake!

This neckpiece celebrates Britian's largest beetle, made in solid silver the beetle is an exact replica of life, his wing casings studded as a union jack using diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

The beetle is 5.5cm in length, I make him studded in garnets on a long chain, or with no stones, just a gorgeous large silver or gold beetle, all can be seen on my website.
Any stones can be set into the Stag Beetle on request.

Happy Jubilee! XX


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